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“You Ask, Friends Answer” - Your Guide to Understanding the Woodman's Center Project

Join us in our mission to bring clarity to the Woodman's Center project! The Friends of the Woodman's Center are excited to launch our new campaign, "You Ask, Friends Answer," to provide a comprehensive understanding of this innovative project. Our volunteer-driven group is committed to building a new and versatile space that will serve the community's needs in many ways.

With facilities for athletics, events, and conventions, this one-stop shop is perfect for business gatherings, family outings, and entertainment. We have listened to the feedback we have received since the project's inception and are now ready to clear up any misconceptions and answer frequently asked questions. Over the next five weeks, the Friends will work hard to ensure everyone is well-informed about this exciting project.

To kick things off, here are the first six frequently asked questions we'll be sharing on our Facebook page and social channels, as well as a brand-new FAQ page. We will add more questions, including those asked by YOU, to the list each week.

  1. What is the Woodman's Sports & Convention Center project?

  2. Where will it be located?

  3. What kind of spaces will the Woodman's Center include?

  4. What events and activities could be hosted at the Woodman's Center?

  5. Who is in charge of the project's design and execution?

  6. When will the Woodman's Center be open?

Our "You Ask, Friends Answer" campaign is for you. And we hope you take the time to learn about the Woodman's Center initiative from the people motivated to volunteer and lead this effort since 2019.

To do that, we need you armed with the correct information. So, if you end up having a question along the way, simply send us a note at We will continue to listen and work to find the answers you need.

More Than Just a Building

Remember, the Woodman's Center is more than just a building. It's a community-driven project that will unite people and provide opportunities for growth, payback, and development in Janesville, Rock County, and Wisconsin.

There is no doubt in our minds, and those of our supporters, that the Woodman's Center project will be one of the most significant public-private partnership ventures to transform Janesville and the greater Rock County community. Thank you for your support in creating a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

Anyone Can Become a Friend of the Woodman's Center

Any show of support, no matter the magnitude, will help make the Woodman's Center a place for the Janesville community to benefit from for decades. Here's how:

If able, you may pledge a monetary gift at any amount here.


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