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A Growing Need for Developing Janesville's Third Space

Janesville is known as Wisconsin's Great Outside. It is home to 66,000 dedicated and passionate community members who make it great. Within the city, miles of trails and acres of parkland cause Janesville to be known as Wisconsin's Park Place. It is a city where young people plant their roots and stay to watch their family trees flourish. 

But what Janesville is lacking is what project advocates define as a "third space." A third space, such as the Woodman's Center, will create an ample gathering facility, distinct from current offering and not currently available in our community. Having this space would better meet area business needs and secure a greater number of large events capable of attracting international attendees. This space is necessary for Janesville.


  • Lost business reports provided by the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau show the city lost out on 50% of potential meeting events in the last five year due to space limitations.

  • That lost business totaled $3M in economic impact for the region.

The Woodman's Center will be located right in the heart of it all, accessible along the Milton Avenue commercial corridor and providing an opportunity to redevelop and reuse vacant mall property.

This third space will help create a sense of community pride and spirit of investing back into our families, businesses, and neighbors. We invite you to learn more about what Janesville offers here.

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