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A $23 Million Annual Economic Boost for $3.19 Per Month

Research led by the UW-Whitewater Fiscal and Economic Research Center shows the center would create an annual economic impact of $23 million and a one-time construction impact of nearly $75 million. 

Assuming the median assessed home value of $150,100 (2022), a 20-year note, and an interest rate of 5.35%, homeowners in Janesville would expect an annual expense of $38.25 or $3.19 per month. The cost estimate to design the facility, demolish the existing building, and construct the new facility and improvements is approximately $50.3M.

The Woodman's Center will naturally become one of Janesville's top contributors to help grow our local and regional economy through job creation, revitalization, and resource conservation while increasing property values and tax revenues.

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