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Today is the Day to Share Your Voice With Decision Makers 

Your expression of support is needed at all levels to help the Woodman's Center become a reality. You can discuss issues, concerns, and solution-based proposals with city, county, and state officials.


Let decisions makers know who you are, what city you live in, why you support the project, what you would like to see done about it, and how it will impact you, your household, or your business. Be sure to ask for their support.

You can read other letters of support from community members and leaders on our blog. 

The Janesville City Council is anticipated to vote on the project after completing the bidding process. Then, the council would be asked to award a construction contract for the project in September 2023. The time to act is TODAY!

Provide a Letter of Support

You can also provide a letter of support to or send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper.


If you need help writing a letter or information  on how to submit a Letter to the Editor, let us know.

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