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Connecting our Community to Make Lives Better

Community support is crucial for any public-private partnership to succeed, and it's the primary request from the Friends of the Woodman's Center group to Janesville residents, organizations, and businesses. A partnership of this scope will bring together government and private sector resources to create economic opportunities and improve our community.

Let's connect and build a thriving community space that benefits all. Yes we can!

“This Center would quickly become a staple in our community that I, among other business owners, would highlight as a major asset to attract associates to our state as well as retain the talented team represented here at our headquarters and distribution center for Blain’s Farm and Fleet and our hometown store.”
- Jane Blain Gilbertson, Farm & Fleet and Blain Supply CEO/ President/Owner

Woodman's Center Community Connectors and Supporters

Thank you to our growing list of community voices who have shared their support for the project.

You can read a collection of letters of project support from community members in our weekly blog.

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