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Janesville is Stronger When Friends and Community Work Together

As of Jan. 1, 2023, The Friends of the Woodman's Center has raised $5,650,000 in private funds and pledges. Major sponsorships include Woodman's Market ($3M), Mercyhealth ($1.25M), Kennedy Family Foundation ($500,000), and numerous private gifts totaling more than $900,000.

"The questions for me are, Will the Convention Center make Janesville a better place? Will it keep talent home? Will it be a great place for the residents? I believe the answer is yes to all. The Woodman Sports & Convention Center is important because it will bring us concerts, shows, and other events for local people. Over 4,000 people attended the Jeff Dunham show at ABC Supply Stadium in 2022. Events like this can also happen in Janesville." - Quint Studer, Owner of Bodacious Shops and Sky Carp

​Become a Friend today to immediately show your support of the Woodman's Center with a pledge. Any gift amount will benefit the Janesville community for decades to come.

Friends, thank you for your support.

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