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Become a Friend in Any Way You Can: Take the Next Step

A Friend of the Woodman's Center is anyone who supports the initiative! Typically, a Friend provides volunteer time and resources, identifies funding or donors, and connects the community to project leaders' work in various ways as an organizational stakeholder, business owner, or group or individual advocate in Janesville and greater Rock County.


A Friend's commitment may differ depending on duties, skills, and level of involvement. While one Friend may give time and energy, another may offer financial contributions or professional expertise to further the project's goals. Here are some responsibilities for individuals and organizations who serve as Friends of the Woodman's Center.


  1. Volunteer work: Friends often contribute their time and skills by volunteering for various tasks and activities organized by the Friends leadership team.

  2. Fundraising support: Friends help raise funds by organizing fundraising events, soliciting donations from individuals or businesses, and participating in targeted sponsorship campaigns such as Together We Can. Some may personally contribute to support the organization's activities.

  3. Advocacy and promotion: Friends act as ambassadors for the organization, spreading awareness about its mission and work within their social circles and the wider community. They may promote the organization through word-of-mouth, social media, networking events, or public speaking engagements.

  4. Community representation: Some Friends lead community partner organizations. They have the skill set to provide input, guidance, and decision-making support. Some are involved in strategic planning, policy development, or specific program committees.

  5. Membership recruitment and retention: Friends can help expand the organization's reach by recruiting new members or supporters.

  6. Community outreach: Friends represent the Woodman's Center project at community events alongside City of Janesville partners, help put on Together We Can campaign fundraisers, present updates and views at City Council meetings, offer feedback at project planning meetings, volunteer at fairs about sharing information about the project's initiatives and impact. They actively seek collaborations and partnerships with other community groups or stakeholders to enhance the organization's visibility and effectiveness.

  7. Executive leadership: Leaders work closely with business leaders, local, state, and federal lawmakers, community organizations, the City of Janesville, the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, and in securing high-level private donors.


Whether working behind the scenes or taking a prominent role in public outreach, a Friend's unwavering presence and commitment truly connect the community to the project's goals. To become a Friend of the Woodman's Center, email

Janesville is Stronger When Friends and Community Work Together

As of June 12, 2023, Friends of the Woodman's Center has raised $8,022,400 in private funds and pledges. Major sponsorships include Woodman's Market ($3M)Mercyhealth ($1.25M), Kennedy Family Foundation ($500,000), and numerous private gifts totaling more than $2M.

"The questions for me are, Will the Convention Center make Janesville a better place? Will it keep talent home? Will it be a great place for the residents? I believe the answer is yes to all. The Woodman Sports & Convention Center is important because it will bring us concerts, shows, and other events for local people. Over 4,000 people attended the Jeff Dunham show at ABC Supply Stadium in 2022. Events like this can also happen in Janesville." - Quint Studer, Owner of Bodacious Shops and Sky Carp

​Become a Friend today to immediately show your support of the Woodman's Center with a pledge. Any gift amount will benefit the Janesville community for decades to come.

Friends, thank you for your support.

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