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"Together We Can"

$1,000,000 IN 100 DAYS


The "Together We Can" campaign is a fundraising fellowship collaborating to achieve the largest and most significant private fundraising campaign in Janesville's history. The Friends of the Woodman's Center are excited to invite 100 community donors to collectively raise $1,000,000 for the Woodman's Center by each pledging $10,000. Pledges can be made at $2,000 per year for five years and the initial contribution isn't due until September 2023. The members of the "Together We Can" Campaign will be individually recognized by name on the donor wall plaque at the Woodman's Center.

We are excited to invite 100 community donors to individually pledge $10,000 each to collectively raise $1 million in support of the Woodman's Center project.


Attend a "Community Giving Series" event to learn more about how your generous gift will impact the Woodman's Center project. If you can't attend a Community Giving Series event but would like to pledge a $10,000 "Together We Can" campaign gift or more, contact us at or (608) 314-2616.

Download a PDF of the Together We Can Campaign Pledge Card by clicking the image below.

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