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Embracing Progress: The Woodman's Center Project Stands Strong as City Council Awards Contractor Bid to JP Cullen

Updated: Jan 24

With last night’s Janesville City Council acceptance of the JP Cullen & Sons bid to build the Woodman's Center, Friends of the project stand stronger than ever in united gratitude. We are thankful to the City Council members who heard us, the City partners who managed the project planning confidently and professionally, and the key donors, volunteers, and Friends supporters who never backed down. Because of this, the Friends are holding onto that same tight visionary grip we started with more than six years ago to revitalize Janesville and the wider Stateline area.


Your unwavering support and generous contributions have been instrumental in shaping the Woodman's Center initiative into what it is today: a beacon of community enrichment and economic revival. And the blend of public enthusiasm and private generosity has not only helped us stay under budget from the previously estimated $50.3M to now $46.8M, but has also paved the way for a project payback rich in diversity and community engagement.


We are deeply grateful for your involvement, whether big or small.  Because every voice in support or dollar pledged has been pivotal in turning this vision into a thriving reality that will benefit our community for years to come. From economic development, real estate booms, population attractiveness, tourism, wellness, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and cultural amenities that will improve our quality of life, the Woodman’s Center will also provide the revenue needed to support our community’s growing needs. You have guided us towards creating a community-minded space that promises an annual economic boost estimated at $23 million, alongside a significant one-time construction impact of nearly $75 million. Beyond inviting new businesses, you’ve committed to reinvigorating Janesville with urban renewal and sustainability, a strategy crucial for reliable economic growth.


And it’s never been just us who are excited about this project.


Since 2019, we've enjoyed connecting the project with thousands of individuals, families, professionals, organizations, and businesses who share our vision as a key driver for Janesville's prosperity, health, and wellness. You can find those receipts at


This belief in the project's potential has inspired the Friends to keep going and played a crucial role in validating the impressive $9.4M+ in private financial commitments raised, making the City’s contribution 37% of the project’s total cost. This collective support and confidence in the Center’s promise speaks volumes about the bright future we're building together.


So, as the snow fades away this winter and the old Sears building comes down, it’s time to get excited. Because January 22 wasn’t just another day for the project; it was a milestone in materializing the Woodman's Center vision and collectively advancing us toward the summer of 2025's grand opening.


Your support, voice, and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of this project. And as the building begins to come to life, we need it to continue and be louder than ever.


Because together, we are on our way to turning the dream of the Woodman's Center into a reality.


With heartfelt enthusiasm and continued thanks,


Christine Rebout

Project Chairwoman, Friends of the Woodman's Center


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