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Who are the Friends of the Woodman's Center? Your Guide to Joining the Cause

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The common saying, "Friends make the world go round," is particularly relevant when speaking about the people behind the Woodman's Sports & Convention Center. Since 2019, dozens of local volunteers have continued to make the project's vision a reality. And the growing list of Friends is not made up solely of individuals who support the initiative in a leadership position or with a donation. They also form the backbone of the Woodman's Center's enduring mission by representing diverse user groups, nonprofit organizations, community clubs and associations, health and wellness advocates, local families and businesses, and potential facility partners.

So, who are these Friends, you may ask? Well, they're a mix of folks, many just like you and me: community members committed to promoting a stronger vision for Janesville and Rock County who want to create a positive influence and lasting impact for the betterment of local individuals, families and businesses.

Friends of the Woodman Center: The Backbone of the Initiative

Friends of the Woodman's Center are individuals or groups providing support, identifying funding, offering assistance with events, education, and outreach, and connecting the community to the work of leaders and decision-makers as advocates for the project.

Each Friend's commitment looks different, reflecting their unique skills, resources, and level of involvement. They may offer their time, energy, expertise, and even financial contributions to further the project's viability.

Let's take a closer look at the different roles they might play.

The Many Hats of a Friend

1. Volunteer Work: Friends often step up whenever possible, contributing their time and skills to various tasks and activities organized by our leadership team. From event planning and social media support to helping with community presentations and even administrative tasks, our Friends are doing it all.

2. Fundraising Support: Fundraising forms a core part of our operations. Friends help raise funds by organizing events, soliciting donations, and participating in targeted campaigns like our Together We Can initiative.

3. Advocacy and Promotion: As ambassadors, Friends spread awareness about our mission within their networks and the wider community. They use their voices to echo our call to action across various platforms and among lawmakers and media outlets. Expressions of support are needed at all levels! Find out how you can be a community voice here.

4. Community Representation: Many of our Friends lead community partner organizations and provide input, guidance, and decision-making support. They're involved in strategic planning, economic impact, and policy development and are members of various businesses, groups, and associations.

5. Membership Recruitment and Retention: As champions of our cause, Friends play a pivotal role in expanding our reach by recruiting new members or supporters. Their passion has inspired others to join in.

6. Community Outreach: Friends represent the Woodman's Center project at community events, fundraisers, City Council meetings, and more. They seek collaborations and partnerships with other community stakeholders, increasing our visibility and effectiveness and helping connect the facility's potential user group needs with decision-makers.

7. Executive Leadership: These Friends work closely with business leaders, lawmakers, community organizations, and the City of Janesville to help shape the project's success and secure high-level private donors. Many are a driving force behind the Woodman's Sports & Convention Center project and leaders in our Greater Janesville and Rock County communities.

Become a Friend in Any Way You Can: Take the Next Step

Whether they're working behind the scenes or taking a front-and-center role in public outreach, the unwavering commitment of our Friends is what truly connects the community to our project's goals. If you're inspired to become a Friend of the Woodman's Center, we'd be thrilled to welcome you to our growing community.

Contact us at or visit our website,, to get started on this exciting journey.

Together, we can. Together, we will.


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