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Santa's Special Delivery: A Wish List for Rock County's Woodman's Center


Dear Santa: Woodman's Center Wish List

Dear Santa,


We’ve hung our stockings by the old Sears building with care, all in great hope that you soon will be there!


We've got a wish list, not too hefty, not too lean, for a place that's more than a wonderland scene. It’s all for the Woodman's Center, oh what a delight, where we can all jump, play, and chase your giving light.


We're not asking for toys, trinkets, or baubles, but for a place of joy where the community gathers and marvels.


With the Friends of Woodman’s Center in your sleigh, could you make our dreams come true today?


  1. A Healthy Dose of Well-being – Oh Santa, dear, Rock County’s been blue, with wellness scores that wouldn't do. We need your help waving goodbye to lazy days, and eyeing a future with active play. We need a place to fight the gloom, a stronghold where well-being can bloom. Help us raise our health to the top of the stack, and give Rock County the comeback it lacks!

  2. Shower of Shillings - And not for goodness’ sake, but for the newest Midwest sports and convention take. With locals like Woodman’s, Mercyhealth, and Kennedy Foundation’s love all the same, let’s deck the halls with even more sponsor names!

  3. Local Biz Sparkles - For the stores and restaurants down the Milton Avenue line, let's make every Christmas merry and fine, keeping the mom-and-pop at the very top.

  4. Rooms to Revel – With flexibility so grand, for every event, we'll be in growing demand. No need to trek to Milwaukee, Chicago, or even Minneapolis, Janesville will have our convention center spot, oh so spacious.

  5. Fields of Dreams - No need for miles, or a wearying drive, in our new hometown haven, sports will thrive. From spikes to goals, from cheers to dance, give every athlete in Rock County a chance.

  6. An Icy Stage - For pirouettes and power plays, we’ll need the Mercyhealth Arena, an activity haven for wintry days. Where Janesville Jets with pride will dash, their sticks a-clash, their skates a-flash. They've chipped in funds, not just in ice, $390,000, isn't that nice? Behind the scenes, they've done much more, but we still need your help to ensure the rinks are ready for what’s in store.

  7. Uptown Janesville Dreams - Thanks to Rockstep's grand scheme, reviving the mall into a place where families joyfully convene. Speak into their ear, Santa, to re-energize the Milton Avenue block, making everything it offers in sync with the clock. Perhaps a trampoline park to bounce and soar, or a games-filled eatery, fun to its core?

  8. Courts of Cheers - Bouncing balls and sneaker squeaks, here's to Rock County’s youth-winning streaks! Every court, every paddle, every mat - Woodman’s can be the next big thing, imagine that?

  9. Twinkling Lights – Merry and bright with an eco-friendly shine, thanks to Alliant Energy's design. A solar package, capturing power each day, will help park your sleigh in a sustainable way. Help Rock County set the trend for green energy, on which we can all depend.

  10. Lockers and Lounges – A surprise million-dollar lift came from an early Christmas gift. Now we’ll see Janesville and Milton kids geared up inside; with your help we can build locker rooms for local schools with pride.

  11. Snack Shacks – Popcorn and pretzels, hot cocoa in hand, let’s build concessions where food vendors cater so grand. Building community with every bite, Rock County's flavors will make every event attendee delight.

  12. Blueprints of Joy - It's not just about fresh builds and new faces. So, can you show everyone how to embrace these spaces? Their property values will rise in line, and as we revitalize, everyone climbs and shines.


And Santa, we have just one last wish to fill our dish. When the New Year winks and the festive cheer lingers, send a plea to our dream-bringers. Let your sage voice be the guide, steering these community leaders to decide with pride. May they echo a resounding "Yes," unlocking the gate to the Woodman’s Center’s future success. Help everyone stay informed and upbeat, as we turn the page, and stand on strong feet.


Thank you, Santa, for hearing our cheer, from all of us here, so sincere.


The Friends, Volunteers, and Supporters of the Woodman's Sports & Convention Center



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