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What's on the Menu for Rock County Families? Five Courses of Woodman's Center Delight

Ready to add a dash of something special to your holiday meals? Let's dive into the Friends of the Woodman's Center menu. These are recipes we've been tweaking and perfecting since 2019. Think of us as your friendly sous-chefs, ready to give you a sneak peek into each delicious course.


Hors d'oeuvre

Urban Renewal Charcuterie: Enriching our city's entry with an enticing selection akin to an array of fine cheeses, this initiative pledges to weave contemporary design with sustainable, multi-purpose development into the fabric of our streets and gathering places.


Community Crudité: Arranging the freshest slices of local culture, the Woodman's Center is poised to present a crisp array of pride and unity, serving as the perfect starter to whet Janesville's appetite for community gathering and spirit. Encasing the best of health and community well-being, this project promises to be the perfect social starter to build active lifestyles and healthier minds, a nourishing feast for the longevity of our residents.


Opportunity Medley: This Employment Salad blends a crisp assortment of 228 permanent positions with a zestful toss of 480 construction jobs, creating a robust starter to our community's economic feast. It's a bountiful mix, seasoned with the promise of growth, ready to dress our region in success. This dish is more than a mere appetizer; it's a beacon of prosperity, inviting new ventures and garnishing our area with a sense of regional pride.

Main Course

Revitalization Roast Slathered with Economic Gravy: Carving out a succulent slice of progress in underused spaces, this project is roasting up a $23 million economic impact gravy, with a $74 million construction glaze worth a second helping. Pouring richness of opportunity onto the local scene, this project is like the secret sauce that tantalizes the palate of our community. This isn't just a boost for the local economy; it's a recipe for spicing up prospects for residents and visitors, giving nearby businesses a taste of success.


Economic Éclair on a Convenience Crust: Sweetening the deal with a promise of a rich payback while increasing property values and tax revenues, this project's financials are the dessert we've all saved room for, set to deliver a slice of success as delightful as a holiday treat. A tasteful bonus? Located in the Milton Avenue commercial corridor near Interstate 90/39, getting to events will be as smooth as cutting through a well-made pie, thanks to its central location and easy transport links.


In this season of celebration and shared joy, let's get excited about the athletics, businesses, and community events the upcoming Woodman's Center will bring to our community table.


Extra Servings


The facility is designed with 130,000 square feet in mind, offering a full feast for Rock County and Wisconsin to grow from growth. And moving beyond sports offerings, the Woodman's Center will provide an extra treat disguised as Janesville's missing third space. Serving up a platter of diverse interests, cultural shindigs to trade expos and corporate gatherings, just take a minute to imagine the possibilities of having a place where art, activity, business, wellness, and education blend, enriching the flavor of our social offerings with room to grow.


We can also expect:


·         Trade Shows and Expositions

·         Conferences and Seminars

·         Corporate Events and Meetings

·         Consumer Shows

·         Art and Cultural Exhibitions

·         Concerts and Entertainment Events

·         Sporting Events

·         Banquets and Galas

·         Weddings and Social Gatherings

·         Educational and Career Fairs

·         Tech Shows and Launches

·         Workshops and Training Programs


Looking at the Woodman's Center menu, we've found the flavors we've all been craving. As we plan our holiday feasts, aiming for dishes that delight everyone's taste buds, let's also think about the enduring impression the Woodman's Center will make.



The Community Sits at the Heart of the Table


The Friends of the Woodman's Center are the heart of this project, like holiday hosts bringing everyone together. They're dedicated to connecting the community with the Center's vision. If you're interested in joining or learning more, reach out to or visit Let's make the Woodman's Center a place where our community can come together and thrive.


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