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Your Exclusive Look: Janesville's Woodman's Center in the Making


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Exciting times ahead in Janesville!

Thanks to the Governor's generous $15M contribution and expected construction bids, momentum is building for the Woodman's Center project. This public-private venture, in the making since 2019, is poised to transform the Southcentral Wisconsin area like never before. This project is more than just a building – it's set to become the vibrant core of our community, a hub for sports and events, and a place where connections are made and memories are born. Think of it as Janesville's new third space – perfect for sports, business, community gatherings, entertainment, and recreational fun.


Wondering how this is all going to shape up? Let's dive into a virtual discovery! Thanks to Zimmerman Architectural Studios, we've got a digital sneak peek of this 130,000-square-foot wonder. You can explore every nook and cranny of this unique space from the comfort of your home. This virtual tour isn't just a walkthrough – it's a front-row seat to Milton Avenue's future, an area gearing up for a vibrant makeover.


Note: The video by Zimmerman Architectural Studios represents an artistic take on the Woodman's Center project. It's not a final blueprint.


Stay tuned as plans finalize, and we watch this exciting development take shape in 2024, promising to bring new life and energy to our community.


Investing in a Community Asset


The Woodman's Center is where sports, community, business, and culture intertwine beautifully. This architecturally stunning facility will be thoughtfully designed down to the last detail using community input collected by Friends leaders over the last few years. The facility is set to feature a 1,500-seat main arena with year-round ice, a versatile multi-purpose arena, and extensive convention space. It's the perfect venue for everything from electrifying sports events to engaging trade shows and vital community wellness programs. Picture yourself amid the action, whether playing basketball, enjoying a game of pickleball, or being a spectator at a Janesville Jets game, a team in the North American Hockey League.


But the Woodman's Center offers much more than just sports and fitness. Located next to Uptown Janesville Mall, it is a beacon of endless opportunities and real estate growth, creating a one-stop spot for excitement on Milton Avenue. This center will be ideal for hosting concerts, cultural festivals, charity events, or simply as a place for memorable family outings. More than just a location, the Woodman's Center will serve as a vibrant hub for community life and economic growth, benefiting all, even those who may not visit.


What do you envision happening at the Woodman's Center? How do you want to be involved in this vibrant project? Check out our event and activity ideas list if you're looking for inspiration. Then, join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or contact us at

Join us in this exciting venture.


Together, let's create a space where memories are forged, Janesville shines brighter, and every visit to the Woodman's Center is an experience you eagerly anticipate.



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