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Bidding Triumph: Woodman’s Center Moves Closer to Groundbreaking with Jan. 22 Council Bid Award

Last month, as we bid farewell to 2023, the Woodman’s Sports & Convention Center project hit a significant milestone with the opening of construction bids for the facility, and the numbers brought some cheer: the lowest bid came in just a smidge over $38M. The contenders? JP Cullen & Sons, Inc., Miron Construction Co., Inc., and Pepper Construction of Wisconsin each submitted bids that were music to our ears.


Here's the kicker — all these bids nestled comfortably under the projected costs! It's nothing short of astonishing.


We've looked on with admiration at the professionalism and dedication of the City team as this landmark project unfolded. With sentiments echoed by City Manager Kevin Lahner: "We reached another milestone in the Woodman’s Center project, and we are excited about analyzing the bids and presenting a construction contract to the City Council on January 22."


Excitement is noticeable with the Janesville City Council bid award just days away, an imminent decision that will shape our community's future. A day for the history books – with their decision, we move one step closer to breaking ground and eyeing an opening date in the summer of 2025.

A Community-First Mindset Drives Natural Economic Growth


Each Woodman’s Center vote from a decision maker is for wellness and advancement. Because the center represents a beacon of progress, a hub for families, businesses, and every individual within our reach - redevelopment that will bring lasting benefits. It's an investment that surpasses today's figures, promising a prosperous future with new businesses, housing, recreation, and hospitality contributing to a robust tax base. This center will draw new spending to northern Rock County, with non-local attendees routinely injecting fresh capital into the area.


Expanding our community’s economic foundation can be achieved through the Woodman’s Center project by these key drivers:


  1. Economic Development: Attracting new businesses and encouraging the expansion of existing ones can increase commercial property values and generate more sales taxes.

  2. Real Estate Development: Developing properties at and around Uptown Janesville increases property tax revenues.

  3. Population Growth: Attracting new residents and employees can expand the tax base as more people contribute to local taxes and spend money in the community.

  4. Tourism: Developing attractions and events for tourists can generate additional sales, lodging, and entertainment tax revenues.

  5. Infrastructure Improvements: Public infrastructure can make a community more attractive for investment and development.

  6. Retail Expansion: With Uptown Janesville attached to the facility, RockStep Capital will be encouraging the growth of retail spaces, leading to increased sales tax collection.

  7. Education and Workforce Development: Improving local education and skills training can attract higher-wage employers and increase the income tax base.

  8. Cultural and Recreational Amenities: Enhancing cultural and recreational options can improve the quality of life, making the area more attractive for residents and businesses.

  9. Public-Private Partnerships: Collaborating with private entities to fund and manage public projects can leverage private investment for public benefit.

  10. Urban Renewal Projects: Revitalizing underdeveloped or blighted areas can increase property values and tax revenues.

  11. Entrepreneurship: Attracting small businesses and startups through private-public partnerships can lead to new business growth and community appeal.

  12. Sustainable Practices: Encouraging green initiatives like the solar package with Alliant Energy will also attract environmentally conscious businesses and residents to the area.


These strategies can lead Janesville to a larger and more stable tax base, providing the revenue needed to support public needs, services, and infrastructure.


Economic development isn't just about drawing in new business with construction—it's also about leveraging what we already have. Ignoring existing assets can undermine the growth and appeal of our community. A well-rounded economic development strategy must include the revitalization of our current resources to ensure long-term prosperity.


Voices of Support Add Up


Don't just take our word for it. Listen to the testimonials from local professionals and businesses on how the Woodman's Center will benefit them. Their letters of support can be found in our news section.


With the contractor decision only days away, let's rally our enthusiasm! Please support us by engaging with us on social media and spreading the word. Let us know what features of the Woodman's Center excite you the most. We want to know everything from multipurpose rooms to ice arenas, sustainable designs, and tech integrations! Your input is invaluable as we approach the construction phase.


Your support, your voice, and your enthusiasm are the driving forces behind the realization of the Woodman's Center dream. Get behind the project, support it however you can, and let’s make history together!


The Anticipation Builds, and So Does Funding


We’ve said this from the start. The Woodman's Center is more than a building; it's a testament to what we can achieve together. It's been a heartening journey as the Friends of the Woodman's Center spearheaded Janesville’s most significant private fundraising campaign for a project of this magnitude, now eclipsing $9.4M in commitments. The support from our community has been overwhelming, and we are deeply grateful. If you haven't yet contributed and wish to be a part of this legacy, it's not too late.



Visit and click the red 'Donate Now' button to contribute through the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. For those considering more significant donations of $10,000 or more, please contact us directly at so we can ensure proper naming recognition.



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