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JP Cullen Co-President Pens Support for Woodman's Center in Letter to the Editor

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Cullen's letter highlights the need to come together and create projects that benefit the Janesville community.

With much thanks from the Friends of the Woodman's Center, George Cullen submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Janesville Gazette. The letter was published on Jan. 28, 2023.

George Cullen, Co-President of JP Cullen

"As President of JP Cullen, one of the state’s largest commercial general contractors, I believe it is important to show thanks and gratitude when parties from all backgrounds and ideologies work together for the benefit of the community. That is definitely the case with the Woodman’s Sports & Convention Center (“Woodman’s Center”).

I know that city staff and members of the private sector have been working tirelessly to move this important and transformational project across the finish line.

While there are still challenges to overcome, receiving confirmation from Senator Baldwin that the $5,000,000 appropriation passed the U.S. Congress was an incredibly positive development. We would like to thank Senator Baldwin and her staff for their work in procuring the approval and we would ask that Governor Evers strongly considers approving $15,000,000 of ARPA Funds to help move this project forward.

This is the kind of bipartisan, community-centered focus that Janesville needs.


J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.

George Cullen, President"

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