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Friends Commit to Long-Term Private Fundraising Strategy for Woodman’s Center

Get ready, Janesville: The Woodman’s Sports and Convention Center is about to become the go-to spot for family gatherings, athletics, professional meet-ups, and community programming across the stateline. More than just a building, it's where our shared dreams and everyday moments will come to life. It's our community's future in the making, and it's all coming together right now.


Building on our incredible momentum—having raised an impressive $9,486,000 in private donations—we're more energized than ever to keep pushing forward. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our community's shared commitment and collective spirit.


As passionate volunteers at the Friends of the Woodman’s Center, a committed 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we're seizing the moment to double down on our pledge for ongoing private fundraising. Working hand in hand with the City of Janesville and the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, we've kicked off a broad-based public capital campaign. We're inviting contributions of every size to bolster our Legacy Fund, embracing every donor's generosity to shape our community's future.


Private funds allow us to infuse the Woodman’s Center with more of the features that matter to us all—ranging from flexible design spaces to additional amenities that our entire community can enjoy. From the varsity locker rooms to top-notch catering kitchen facilities driven by small business feedback, these features were only possible because of donations from people like you—people who believe in the potential and power of our community.


As it grows, here's what the Woodman's Center Legacy Fund could achieve:


  1. Scholarships and Access: We're setting up scholarships for individuals eager to engage in events and activities at the facility, ensuring affordability for every community member.

  2. Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Our goal is to outfit the Center with the latest technology, from eco-friendly ice-making systems to digital conferencing tools, positioning us as a top choice for regional and national events.

  3. Dynamic Outreach: Funds will amplify our reach, showcasing the Center as an ideal locale for tournaments and conventions that promise to bolster our economy and generate jobs.

  4. Event Excellence: We're backing an array of grassroots and grand-scale events, boosting local commerce and community spirit.

  5. Wellness Initiatives: Expect health-focused programs to utilize versatile spaces for activities that nurture community well-being.

  6. Cultural and Learning Experiences: We’re cultivating educational and cultural initiatives that transform our spaces into hubs of creativity and discovery.

  7. Civic Participation: The Center will host forums and workshops, deepening our community’s engagement and shared responsibilities.

  8. Sustainability Practices: We’re committed to eco-friendly operations, setting new standards for resource conservation within our community.

  9. Arts Integration: Artistic spaces within the Center will celebrate and elevate local talent, enriching Janesville’s cultural landscape.


Giving is just a click away.


Visit and press that red 'Donate Now' button to make your mark on this journey.


For those wishing to make a more substantial impact with donations over $10,000, please get in touch with us at for a personalized pledge form, ensuring your generosity is recognized as it should be.


A Community United: Celebrating the Collective Support for the Woodman’s Center Project


We can't help but feel overwhelmingly grateful to each person in our community for rallying around our mission. The enthusiasm is evident—from families and children proudly displaying Woodman’s Center stickers at various events to the venerable voices of parents and grandparents who have lent their wisdom to our needs assessment for years to our neighbors whose daily interactions strengthen our bond. Our gratitude also extends to small and large businesses, which contribute significantly to our local economy, and to the community organizations and leadership groups actively shaping our future with the Woodman’s Center part of it.



The generosity of local organizations has not gone unnoticed. Woodman's Markets, Mercyhealth, the Kennedy Family Foundation, Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Uptown Janesville/RockStep Capital, and many others have made significant contributions.


However, even top donors would agree that each donation, regardless of size, propels us closer to realizing our project's goals. Whether you contribute $10 or $5,000, you’re laying down the very bricks of the Woodman’s Center. And as you step into this vast hub of connection and creativity, know that your generosity helped erect its walls and fill its halls with endless possibilities.


With heartfelt thanks.


About the Woodman's Center: Located at the former Sears building at Uptown Janesville, the approximately 140,000 square feet proposed Woodman's Sports and Convention Center will become Northern Rock County's most significant gathering space, attracting sports teams, regional and national companies, and organizations for meetings, conferences, and trade shows.

About the Friends: The Friends of the Woodman's Center have been actively gathering, planning, researching, and campaigning for the Woodman's Sports and Convention Center project since 2017. The Friends work in partnership with the City of Janesville, Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Forward Janesville, community volunteers, and civic group leaders.


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