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Week 2 of “You Ask, Friends Answer” Provides Additional Understanding of Woodman’s Center Project

Welcome back to week two of our "You Ask, Friends Answer" campaign, where we're gathering feedback and answering questions to better align with your understanding of the Woodman's Center Project. This week, we'll be addressing more community curiosities such as who will benefit from added event space, community contributions, and who are the user groups.

Here are the next six frequently asked questions we'll be answering on our Facebook page, social channels, and our FAQ webpage. We'll be adding more questions to the page each week, including those asked by YOU.

  1. Which organizations are eligible to use the Woodman's Center?

  2. Who are the committed contributors to the project?

  3. What is the anticipated contribution taxpayers will be required to make towards the project?

  4. Can you tell me if Uptown Janesville has any significant changes or developments planned for the near future?

  5. Will the public have to pay to use the facility?

  6. Why is there a need for a new convention center in Janesville?

If you have any Woodman’s Center questions you’d like the Friends to answer, send us a note at

Understanding the Friends Role in This Project

We believe in public and private partnerships. The Friends of the Woodman's Center has supported the project since 2019. In addition, we work closely with business leaders, local, state, and federal lawmakers, community organizations, the City of Janesville, the Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, and private donors.

Our group efforts are largely volunteer-driven. Our team is focused on connecting the community through awareness and outreach, fundraising, and securing private sponsorships supporting the Woodman's Center.

Our commitment is to raise a minimum of $9M. This amount would total the largest and most significant private fundraising campaign in Janesville's history and can only be achieved with your project support. We will continue fundraising efforts after reaching this tremendous fundraising milestone. For more information about the Woodman's Center project, visit or visit with the Friends on Facebook at


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