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Take a Walk Inside the Woodman's Center

We are listening. We know you are getting excited about this significant community development project. That's why we're inviting everyone to take a virtual walk with us and see the potential future of Milton Avenue, featuring Woodman's Sports & Convention Center as its anchor. The familiar old Sears landmark at Uptown Mall could soon be replaced by a modern facility equipped with an all-season ice arena, flexible event areas, modern sports courts, and more.

Together with the Friends of the Woodman's Sports and Convention Center, the City of Janesville presents an amazing virtual tour of the planned 130,000-square-foot space. Zimmerman Architectural Studios from Milwaukee crafted this visual journey, making imagining the center's future easier. This virtual tour showcases the vast potential of this prime location. Dive into the heart of Milton Avenue, a place many wish to see rejuvenated.

Note: The video by Zimmerman Architectural Studios represents an artistic take on the Woodman's Center project. It's not a final blueprint.

Christine Rebout, Co-Chair of the Friends, notes, "We often discuss the cost and features of the facility, but it's vital to visualize its potential value to Milton Avenue. When you see it, you'll believe in its potential."

Let's continue visualizing the endless opportunities and cherished memories the Woodman's Center will create inside.


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