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Shaping Futures: Empowering Kids through Extracurricular Activities at The Woodman's Center

Educators in Janesville and Northern Rock County have discovered a treasure trove of benefits to our youth hidden within the realm of extracurricular activities. Whether it's sports, music, drama, or participating in social events, these activities have proven transformative for children, equipping them with essential skills and abilities that extend far beyond their immediate benefits, leaving an indelible mark on children's lives.

The Friends, including expert community stakeholders, remain excited about the potential that the Woodman's Center could offer, exploring how the future hub for community recreation, sports, events, and activity is set to boost children's growth in Janesville and Northern Rock County.

A Superintendent's Revelation

The profound impact of extracurricular activities is not just a matter of conjecture but is backed by evidence. Mark Holzman, School District of Janesville Superintendent, shares a revealing insight in a letter provided to the Friends of Woodman's Center. He writes, "Evidence shows that students who are more engaged in school and community through participating in extracurricular activities and clubs tend to have higher attendance rates. They also have higher achievement scores and fewer behavioral issues. Engaged and involved students are also more likely to graduate on time."

Unleashing Social and Emotional Development

The Woodman's Center would help children learn the invaluable art of collaboration and communication by working in teams or groups. These activities serve as fertile ground for cultivating essential social and emotional skills. As a result, children discover the power of effective communication, health and wellness, conflict resolution, and nurturing positive relationships with others.

Physical and Cognitive Marvels

The Woodman's Center can empower children to harness their physical and cognitive prowess. For example, sports enhance their physical fitness, coordination, and motor skills. At the same time, participating in social events and community gatherings cultivate cognitive abilities such as time management, team and relationship-building, communication, memory, creativity, and problem-solving. In addition, participating in various activities exposes children to diverse experiences, helping them uncover hidden talents and contribute to the communities they live in with a positive footprint.

As children triumph over challenges and master new skills, they build confidence and self-esteem. The Woodman's Center would serve as a training ground where accomplishments are celebrated and a sense of pride flourishes.

Mark Holzman emphasizes this sentiment: "While our schools are doing great work to keep students engaged and learning, we cannot do it by ourselves. That is why we support the construction of the Woodman's Sports and Convention Center for Janesville."

A Community Place Full of Boundless Potential

The Woodman's Center is more than just a venue; it's a gateway to endless possibilities for more than just a few. Through extracurricular activities, local children are set up to develop vital social and emotional skills, expand their physical and cognitive abilities, and boost their confidence, overall wellness, and self-esteem.

The Friends of the Woodman's Center can answer to local youth groups who want to learn more about how the project may impact and improve access to extracurricular activities. So send us a note at, and let's set something up. We also encourage you to check out the many studies, cost data, and economic impact resources on our project page.


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