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June Joy: Celebrating Milestones and Building Community at the Woodman's Center

Celebrating Woodman's Center Milestones

June has rolled in, and we're buzzing with anticipation to share all the incredible updates that are shining upon our Janesville community—a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your unwavering commitment and support. Together, we're journeying on an exciting path, hitting significant milestones along the way!

Our Dynamic Duo

The Friends of the Woodman's Sports and Convention Center is truly grateful for Chief Moore's stellar leadership as Acting City Manager and his dedicated advocacy for our community through the Woodman's Center project. What's more, we're thrilled to welcome our newest team player, City Manager Kevin Lahner! Kevin's got a keen eye on Janesville's bright future and a solid grasp on our project's goals—making him an invaluable ally on this exciting journey.

Onward and Upward in Design

This month, our creative design committee outdid themselves, achieving 90% completion on the construction drawings. Right on track, project leaders will start welcoming construction bids later this summer. Curious to see the magic happening? Head on over to and take a look.

Celebrating Fundraising Triumphs

Drumroll, please... we've hit a significant fundraising milestone! With a current pledge total of a staggering $8,032,400 and growing daily, your enthusiasm and support are pushing us closer to our ambitious $9 million target, and who knows—we might even zoom past it!

Fun fact: This private fundraising campaign for the Woodman's Center is the largest in Janesville's history. Our gratitude cup overflows for your phenomenal support! Join the campaign with a pledge today!

New Support and Funding Opportunities on the Horizon

We've got some exciting news up our sleeve. The Wisconsin State Legislature's Joint Committee on Finance has approved a motion that allows us to vie for a grant from the Department of Administration. This boost invigorates our optimism and commitment to working with elected leaders to lock down the funding we need. We're confident in our joint private/public vision for the Woodman's Center and see an even brighter future teeming with more support.

"You Ask, Friends Answer"

We believe knowledge is power, and we want you to feel empowered! Outside of growing FAQs, "You Ask, Friends Answer" is your direct line to understanding the Woodman's Center initiative from the heart of those who've been tirelessly volunteering and leading the charge since 2019. If any queries bubble up along your journey with us, don't hesitate. Reach out with your questions, ideas, or just a friendly hello. Let's keep the dialogue going. Share your thoughts, questions, and enthusiasm today—because when You Ask, Friends Answer!

Seeking Grants and Foundations

Your insight and connections continue to be crucial in our quest for additional funding opportunities, and we need that help to keep the momentum high. Do you know of any grants or private foundations that align with our objectives—adaptive reuse, redevelopment impact, job creation, equitable health and social outcomes, sustainable economic growth, and community resilience? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we can make a big impact in reaching project goals! Contact Sabrina at

Join the Conversation, Make a Difference

And hey, why not take a moment now to spark the conversation? Community engagement is at the heart of our mission. Our dedicated team of mostly volunteers has connected with over 6,000 of you in the past year alone! We're here to answer your questions and shed light on the project's far-reaching impact. Want a Woodman's Center presentation for your group or organization? Just give us a shout! Your voice and participation matter immensely.

Become a Friend, Make a Pledge, Spread the Word

As we cruise into the final stages and boost our funding resources, we encourage you to share our mission with your friends and family. Know someone who might be keen to support the Woodman's Center financially? Or perhaps you'd like to become a Friend through our Together We Can Campaign and make a donation yourself? Reach out to discuss pledging a gift that will make a difference now and into the future. If you cannot contribute financially, consider sharing our message or joining our social media family on Facebook and Instagram.

Ideally situated near Interstate 90/39, the Woodman's Center aims to bridge a crucial community gap. It's more than just a space for sports, events, and conventions. It's poised to be a Midwest must-use facility, pulsating with a plethora of activities and events. Beyond boosting Rock County's profile, the Center is a symbol of community evolution. Your support in this project will shape the Janesville and Greater Rock County community, and together, we're on our way to building something extraordinary for all to benefit from.


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