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Friends Celebrate New Fundraising Milestone with Help From 250K Pledge

Hooray! Friday, May 26, marked a milestone worth cheering for as the dedicated volunteers of Friends of the Woodman's Center approach the next million-dollar mark in private pledges. A generous pledge of $250,000 from the Pregont Family played a significant role in tipping private fundraising scales to an impressive $7,922,400.

Sean Knott, a key Friends fundraising volunteer, captured the essence of these gifts, saying, "The community is seeing that the Woodman's Center project has the potential to be a dynamo of economic growth and security for families, individuals, and businesses. These contributors are stepping up and playing a crucial role as they showcase supportive vitality within our community. It's a moment of joy, reflection, and shared accomplishment for Janesville and Northern Rock County."

The Friends, an enthusiastic mix of local leaders, regional stakeholders, and community council volunteers, have been riding the wave of outstanding success in the Together We Can private fundraising campaign launched in February 2023. This campaign is a major pillar of the larger goal to raise $9M by June 30, 2023. When achieved, this will stand as the largest and most significant private fundraising campaign in Janesville's history.

Knott continued, "To the 97 community partners, donors, and individuals - an immense thank you for pledging your support. Your confidence in our vision fuels our determination to secure $9M, perhaps even more, contributing significantly to the Woodman’s Center project costs."

The Friends in Action

The Friends role is multifaceted and goes beyond fundraising, helping serve as the community's voice, planning and leading outreach events, and actively contributing to ensure user feedback is heard and community interests are met. Since May 2022, the group has engaged with over 30 community groups and made personal contact with more than 5,000 individuals, with a list of summer events to attend where volunteers can join public leaders in providing information sharing and question and answer sessions with local citizens.

Join the Campaign and Show Your Support

If you want to join the "Together We Can" campaign and help the Friends reach their fundraising goal, contact Sabrina Siker Bowerman at or (608) 314-2616.

For a list of current donors and access to a pledge certificate, visit



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