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Community Voices Heard: Expanding Our FAQs with Your Unique Questions

This summer, we launched the 'You Ask, Friends Answer' campaign to help foster closer and more meaningful conversations with the Janesville community about the Woodman's Sports and Convention Center project. We've received some excellent questions and thought-provoking feedback, which we then took to leaders at the City of Janesville and the Janesville City Council and featured on a new FAQ page and Friends’ social media channels over the last few weeks. Since then, a good number of additional questions have rolled in, and we were determined to provide the answers to them.

As a result, the Friends have expanded our original FAQ list with five new entries.

  1. Can an indoor track be included at the facility?

  2. Why are all Janesville residents, including those who don't anticipate using the facility, expected to contribute to its costs?

  3. Are there plans to upgrade roads, exits, and lights to accommodate the increased traffic?

  4. Will the City of Janesville employ Woodman's Center staff, making them eligible for a pension and other benefits?

  5. Will the Woodman's Center incorporate electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lots?

The answers to these additional questions can be found on our FAQ page. Additionally, if you have any Woodman’s Center questions you’d like us to help find an answer to, send us a note at

Your active participation in making the Woodman's Center what it should be, whether through asking insightful questions or voicing your concerns, plays a vital role in shaping our plans to represent the community best. This ongoing dialogue helps us ensure that Janesville remains a thriving city where we all love to live, work, and play, with the Woodman's Center project part of its collaborative journey.

More About the Woodman's Sports & Convention Center

Woodman's Center in Janesville is poised to be Rock County's newest indoor facility, designed to meet local and regional expectations for athletics, events, community gatherings, conventions, and conferences. The Center's design is versatile, making it a suitable venue for various needs—from large-scale athletic events and entertainment spectacles to business conferences. It's set to become a natural hub for community activities and wellness. The design capabilities allow it to cater to diverse users and create Janesville’s third space for individuals to participate in sports, business, and recreational activities, foster connections, and set the scene for unforgettable community memories to be made.

To explore additional conversation opportunities about the project, visit with Friends on Facebook or Friends on Instagram.


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