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A Woodman's Center Valentine's Day Poem

Supported by Janesville Basketball Association, Janesville Figure Skating Club, Janesville Youth Football, Janesville Youth Hockey, Janesville Youth Wrestling Club, Polar Express Learn-to-Skate Program, Rock Soccer Club, Rock Volleyball Club, and Veracity Dance Project.

We are young and full of life,

With dreams and aspirations high,

We love to run, jump and play,

To improve ourselves each and every day.

But we need a place where we can train,

And push ourselves to new domains.

A place where we can laugh and cheer,

And make friends year after year.

Janesville is our support,

And we love that you are there, in every sort.

This community helps us reach above,

And show us the power of unconditional love.

For all the memories made and laughs yet to be had,

We thank you, Janesville; you're simply rad!

So, we ask, with hearts so true,

For a safe and friendly community sports center too.

With fields for soccer and courts for hoops,

We'll have a space to play fair, never losing our loop,

And we'll lace up our skates and hit a new rink,

One that isn't broken and on the brink.

With every stride and every turn,

We feel the thrill and the burn,

Of the rush of wind and the roar of our crowds,

As we play our best and represent our town.

And when we need a break, we can all gather around,

Uptown Janesville can become a new community playground,

With fun activities for kids to do,

And stores, food, and games for the parents, too.

We promise to work hard and be strong,

And to use this gift all year long,

So let us play and let us shine,

With your support, our future will be just fine.

We hope you know how much you mean,

To all of us child athletes as we dream.

So, here's a hug and a kiss on the cheek,

It's the support of the Woodman's Center; we need you to speak!


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